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DeFi Reimagined NEAR is reimagining DeFi to be faster, cheaper and more secure through the development of a sharded blockchain.

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Our first "DeFi on NEAR Protocol" edition will guide you through four new major DEXs on NEAR, namely, Trisolaris, Riskswap, Jumbo, and Wannaswap. In particular, we are going to focus on their...

NEAR Protocol is a smart contract platform, which focuses on developer and user-friendliness. It provides a scalable platform for running applications. NEAR was founded in the summer of 2018 by Alex Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin. Today, in this article, we will be looking at DeFi applications on the NEAR Protocol. The Rise Of DeFi

DeFi is Near! Nearlend is a non-custodial lending and borrowing liquidity protocol for the NEAR ecosystem. Users can turn their valuable assets to collateral or multi collateral and deposit to earn interest Issues Nearlend solves Liquidity issue NEAR assets holders will finally be able to use their reserves as collateral and boost their earnings.

DeFi is a huge market that has a Total Value Locked (TVL) of above 195.88 billion. Near Protocol shares $104.72m with Oin Finance Dominance of 5.25%. There are several projects on top of Near Protocol, few are as listed. 1. Aurora cross-chain bridge Aurora is a cross-chain bridge built on Near Protocol.

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DeFi trên NEAR protocol. Tác giả: Trọng DEO Network. NEAR protocol là một nền tảng hợp đồng thông minh với đặc điểm thân thiện với người dùng và các nhà phát triển. NEAR cung cấp một nền tảng blockchain có khả năng mở rộng tốt nhằm dễ dàng triển khai các ứng dụng phi tập ...

NEAR's May Town Hall was a perfect reflection of those themes, from a record-setting number of NEAR wallets being surpassed to a slew of IRL events like the inaugural Miami Hacker House. And since May was NFT month, NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament hosted a Town Hall panel going beyond the hype of NFTs.

Now, NEAR is making DeFi more accessible to everyone. With the launch of the Rainbow Bridge, DeFi is officially live on NEAR and unlocked for all creators and users around the world. All assets...

DApps DeFi Collectibles The first yield farming app on NEAR Protocol. Skyward Finance DApps DeFi Launchpads Enable fair token distribution and price discovery for projects built on NEAR Protocol. Injective Protocol COMING SOON Access limitless DeFi markets with zero barriers. Flux Protocol DApps DeFi Oracles OWC Aurora

DeFi On NEAR Protocol The NEAR protocol is a smart contracting platform with user- and developer-friendly characteristics. NEAR provides a blockchain platform with good scalability that makes it easy to deploy decentralized applications. NEAR was developed in the summer of 2018 by Alex Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin.

Here are some of the investors in Near: FTX ventures, Dragonfly Capital, 3 Arrows Capital, Electric Capital, Jump, etc. Nearly every single A list Venture Capital firm is invested in Near. This means Near has every resource it wants at its disposal. 4. The Ecosystem is Maturing.

$0.04 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) make up the base of NEAR Protocol. For other components like dApps to thrive, it needs DeFi. Most end users don't directly needs DeFi apps; they need it indirectly when using dApps. For example, playing a game that have a different currency, player will trade for their native tokens on Ref.Finance.

Bastion's rapid growth comes as the core pieces of DeFi infrastructure are being built out on Near. Near, which boasts fewer projects than competing layer 1s such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana or...

NEAR is a decentralized development program founded in 2018. It focuses on the shortcomings (high gas fees, scalability issues) of other protocols in the DeFi space and creates the perfect environment for smart contracts and dApps. NEAR utilizes its Proof-of-Stake blockchain, the NEAR Protocol, a developer-friendly, public, and sharded blockchain.

DeFi, stNEAR Share This Post tl;dr stNEAR ('Staked NEAR') is a premium yield bearing asset on NEAR which allows you to access liquidity while earning staking rewards. Access liquidity by using stNEAR as collateral on Lending Platforms Borrow Stablecoins against stNEAR Platforms to leverage on NEAR native: OIN and Burrow. Aurigami

Proximity Labs, a newly formed DeFi DAO, aims to distribute nearly 30% of the fund, nearly 40M NEAR tokens over the next four years on NEAR's DeFi sector. Data from Footprint shows the total value locked (TVL) of NEAR's DeFi surpassing $140M ($160M as of 15 Nov 2021) after a 20% boost within a day after news of the fund was released.

Some of crypto's leading venture capitalists are placing a $10.3 million bet on decentralized finance (DeFi) burgeoning on the NEAR blockchain, according to an announcement Thursday.

DeFi On The Near Protocol. Crypto Elite - Near May 27, 2022. Less than a minute. Follow Twitter. Follow YouTube Channel. Follow Telegram Channel. Illuvium Airdrop. Join Daily Airdrop. Welcome to the Near Protocol Introduction Video.

NEAR's sharding allows the ecosystem to scale horizontally. Fees on Aurora are 1000x times lower than those on Ethereum. Completely compatible with Ethereum over the NEAR Protocol. DeFi On NEAR and Polygon Polygon DeFi. Polygon allows you to use most of the popular DeFi apps prevalent on Ethereum, like Curve Finance, 1inch Exchange, and Beefy ...

PolkaDot can process 1000 transactions per second (which is much more than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined). Unlike other DeFi projects on this list, the more users get into PolkaDot (creating more parallel chains), the faster the network becomes. This can raise a very valid claim that PolkaDot is the best DeFi project to invest in.


Near Protocol (NEAR) is a new Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain that supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). It aims to compete with Ethereum, the king of DeFi. Near ...

Decentralized finance ( DeFi) protocol Ref Finance has raised $4.8 million to build out its vision of a "one stop shop" for DeFi in the Near Protocol ecosystem. According to an announcement, the strategic OTC sale was led by Jump Crypto, with participating investors including Alameda Research, Dragonfly Capital and Kucoin Ventures.

NEAR Protocol is planning to launch its own highly-talked native algorithmic stablecoin, USN. NEAR has partnered with several well-capitalized stable coins for this purpose. USN is reportedly expected to offer an "extremely attractive" annual interest rate of around 20% to encourage DeFi Capital Rotation.

NEAR Protocol ra đời, mang đến Rainbow Bridge giúp mọi người tiếp cận DeFi dễ dàng hơn. Nhờ vào Bridge, các tokens và stablecoins được giao dịch phổ biến trên dApps của NEAR.

Breaking News. Near DeFi Project Bastion Reveals $9M Funding Round on Heels of BSTN Airdrop Plans - CoinDesk; Getting Ready: .bnb Domain Name Service is Almost Here | by SPACE ID | May, 2022

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